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Post World War II Southern literature. Southern literature following the Second World War grew thematically as it embraced the social and cultural changes in the South resulting from the Civil Rights Movement. In addition, more female and African-American writers began to be accepted as part of Southern literature. Even the earliest southern writing about the Civil War, in the period from the firing on Fort Sumter to the final surrender, produced no treatment of the war comparable to Walt Whitman's Drum-Taps () or Herman Melville's Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War (). In contrast to these limited but distinctive representations. Apr 19,  · Civil War in Literature from EDSITEment-reviewed Documenting the American South provides a critical overview of writing during this period, including two personal diaries from Southern women who survived it.

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After the American Civil War, a new era of literature began: Realism. This was due to the radical changes in American society, post civil war literature. The U. But along with industrialization and urbanization there came alienation the loss of the community for the individual, especially in big cities and this development was of course to be seen in leterature, too.

One of the most important writers of the second half of the 19th century was Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain. The story is about a boy who post civil war literature threatened by his father and who runs away because of that. Soon he is joined by a slave called Jim and although Huckleberry Finn knows that he is breaking the law by helping a slave the novel plys in times of slavery he decides to do so, following his conscience.

The two have to go through a series of adventures before the novel finally comes to ist happy ending. For Mark Twain as well as for other authors of tht time, realism was not a literary technique, but a way of speaking the truth and of liberating themselves of all the strange conventions of society.

Because on the one hand the frontier spirit and all ist consequences were very popular but on the other hand people were interested in reading about specific American regions and their specific features.

Bret Harte. James is, apart from Mark Twain, regarded as the greatest American novelist of the second half of the 19th century. A third cathegory of realists are the naturalists, who often wrote about social problems and who were strongly influenced by Darwinism and determinism.

Determinism in this case means the denial post civil war literature a religious force as leader adn creator of the world and instead the idea of the universe as a machine that could not be controlled. Maggie, a poor and sensitive girl is neglected by her parents, runs away with a man who deserts her, becomes a prostitute and finally commits suicide, post civil war literature.

London was the highest paid U. Apart from realism there post civil war literature another important post - Civil War development: the rise of AfroAmerican Literature. Former slaves, now freed had suddenly the time and the rigt to explore theri creative talents.

Thus a number of great Afro- American writers emerged. One of them was Booker T. Washington, who was not only a writer, but also the most prominent black leader of that time, post civil war literature.

He expressed this wish in his famous Atlanta Exposition Address in Although in the beginning and in the course of the 20th century books lost some of their influence due to new forms of mass media like the radio, the television and recently the internet, American literature became more and more influential on an internationale level, post civil war literature.

By the turn of the century writers of prose as well as poets and playwrights were keen on experimenting with new techniques and topics, post civil war literature. The rather idealistic point of view authors had taken in the 19th century was no longer up - to - date and especially after the 1st World War another style of writing got popular.

Perhaps it would be the best description to say that realism got even more realistic. Ernest Hemingway e. American authors in general began to reject the emotional aspects of literature more and more.

Instead they became fascinated with describing and analyzing the psychologic depths of their characters. An example for this development is Ellen Glasgow who described in her novels post civil war literature transformation of the American South from a rural to an industrial economy and the role of southern women caught in the post civil war literature southern code of domesticity, post civil war literature, piety and dependence.

Society and thus also the society of writers, post civil war literature, started to reject the Puritan and Victorian values and ideals that had been established.

Writers felt that now they had much more freedom in chosing their topics - and also in choosing their way of life. A good example for this is Francis Scott Fitzgerald. On the other hand he was a severe alcoholic and lead a very eccentric and sometimes immoral life.

But the most important persons of the American literature scene at that time were surely a group of people called the Lostgeneration. Members of this group were e. Thornton Wilder, a famous novelist and playwright and Scott Fitzgerald as well. They were mainly influenced by the consequences of the 1st World War, which were personal disillusionment and the loss of old values.

The most important author of the Lostgeneration who was even called the most important American author of the 20th century was certainly Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on the 21st July in Illinois and the biggest part of his life was influenced by tragic events. He took part in the 1st World War, where he was severely wounded and about at that time his father commited suicide.

In the first period of his life Hemingway wrote mainly anti- war novels, but other topics followed soon. In the following years Hemingway concentrated on Short Stories - something he got especially famous for, post civil war literature. His Short Stories were so tight, compact, condensed and plain in style that up to now many people think nobody could ever come close to Hemingway. In he was awarded with the Nobel Prize. On the 2nd of July he, like his father, commited suicide by shooting himself with a gun.

Another very important person especially for the Lostgeneration but also for every other writer was the Irishman James Joyce. With his stream of consciousness- technique, the use of many symbols and his prose style that was rather lyric, he set new standards not only for Europeans, but also for Americans. The second important literary movement of the early 20th century was the so called Harlem Renaissance. This name describes the literary work of Afro- American novelists, whose creative center was Harlem, N.

An author of the Harlem Renaissance was e. Langston Hughes who wrote poems as well as short stories. His most famous invention is the short story character Jesse B. Simple, who is the prototype post civil war literature an Afro- American living in a big city, post civil war literature.

At the beginning of the new decade, post civil war literature s the Black Friday at the New York Stock Exchange and the following world- wide recession shocked all Americans. Many writers suddenly left their old topics to write in a very realistic way about social post civil war literature. In this book he decribes the life of poor farmhands in California and their will to live, but he also criticizes American capitalism.

In John Ford made a very successful film out of this post civil war literature. Steinbeck achieved the Nobel Prize in Another very popular subject at that time was the so called Southern Gothic, which means the American South and its problems. William Faulkner e. After the 2nd World War an ethnic minority in the U.

In their novels, short stories and poems they decribed their life as Jews in American cities, sometimes humorous, sometimes marked by despair. One of these jewish authors, Saul Bellow even got the Nobel Prize in In general prose after the 2nd World War can be divided into two categories. On the one side there was the realisitc and naturalistic way of describing things, on the other side there was literature full of black humor and strange phantasies.

Kurt Vonnegut was one of the many authors to publish anti - war novels because of his own experiences. Although ist importance is very controversial, Science - Fiction and Fantasy Literature should not be forgotten when talking about American Literature. The history of Science - Fiction started alread in the s but it reached the peak of ist popularity in the s and 60s. While Science - Fiction is oriented towards the future and a world full of roboters and machines, Fantasy Literature describes a forgotten world, full of fairies, dwarfs and other magical and mystical beings.

An example for Science - Fiction is Arthur C. The most famous American Fantasy author was probably Marion Zimmer Bradley who died only a few years ago. As America had always been a nation of immigrants it was just natural that some of these immigrants were also writers and even very successful ones who achieved a lot of fame in the U.

Probably the best example for this is Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian who first emigrated to Germany and later to America. Thus his literary work is divided into three sections: the Russian, the German and the American one.

Lolita is about a college professor in his late 30s who desperately falls in love with his teenage stepdaughter and who finally manages to post civil war literature a sexual relationship with her. This topic was so scandalous that American publishing companies refused to print the book so that it had to be published in Paris and was sold in the U.

But critics defended it and praised it highly for ist brilliant prose style so that in it was published in Post civil war literature as well. Another very important novel of the post civil war literature is J. But instead of going home to his parents he goes to New York and spends some days there, post civil war literature, thinking about his past life as well as about his future.

He strictly refuses to do all things authors normally have to do. Sometimes people even wonder if he is still alive becaus he has not been seen in public for such a long time. Another important American author is John Updike, who got famous by a series of novels about a man fleeing reality as well as his social responsability.

When talking about recent literature in the U. Basically Afro - American authors still write about the same subjects as their predecessors of the Harlem Renaissance: the problems of black people in American society. A famous Afro - American writer is Toni Morrison, who wrote e.

She only suceeds in killing her oldest dughter, who haunts her as a ghost 20 years later. In Morrison was awarded with the Nobel Prize. The novel shows the struggle of black women for sexual and racial equality. But while the female characters in the book get strong, creative individuals at last, the male ones are decribed in a very negative way, for which she has often been critizised, post civil war literature.

Of course we can not jugde from this point which American authors of our days will be known and important in the future. A novelist who is quite famous post civil war literature and might also be known to post civil war literature generations is John Irving, who tries to combine in his novels a satiric and humorous point of view with important lessons about life.

His novels are very grotesque and sometimes full of violence, but nervertheless or maybe exactly because of that he is one of the most successful American authors of the present. Last but not least the Pulitzer Prize, the most important American Award for achievements in literature, journalism and music should be mentioned. Joseph Pulitzer was an American publisher who owned several newspapers and who is said to be the creatoir of the modern American daily press.

In his will he defined that every year a committee, the Pulitzer Prize Board should choose who is to get the award. There are 5 pizes for literature, eight for journalism and one for music. The winners are announced by the Columbia University in New York and the prizes are given to them there. Concerning drama the beginning of the 20th century brought the most radical post civil war literature one can think of.


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If the American literature that Emerson had summoned into being in the s and ‘40s helped galvanize opinion that led to the Civil War, the Civil War in turn changed what that literature would be, and this poem by Whitman is just an example of that. Post World War II Southern literature. Southern literature following the Second World War grew thematically as it embraced the social and cultural changes in the South resulting from the Civil Rights Movement. In addition, more female and African-American writers began to be accepted as part of Southern literature. Apr 19,  · Civil War in Literature from EDSITEment-reviewed Documenting the American South provides a critical overview of writing during this period, including two personal diaries from Southern women who survived it.