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We work with clients around the world from our headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. We focus on naming, branding, brand narratives, website design and . Free South Carolina outline with baseball stitches or softball stitches, cricut or Silhouette design, vector image, pattern, map shape cutting file See more. New Hampshire - Map . The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to South Carolina. South Carolina – state in the Southeastern United States on the Atlantic coast. Originally part of the Province of Carolina, the Province of South Carolina was the first of the 13 colonies that declared independence from the British Crown during the American Revolution.

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Entered Union: May 23, 8th State Present constitution adopted: Age: Under 18 Median Age: In recent years, a substantial amount of economic growth in the state has come from an improving industrial base, including the construction of manufacturing plants for major companies like Boeing, south carolina outline.

The state otherwise maintains a strong agricultural sector, south carolina outline, producing goods like tobacco, rice, cotton, and soy, as well as livestock like cattle and chickens.

Land area: 30, sq mi, south carolina outline. SE of Columbia Number of counties: 46 Largest county by population and area: Greenville,; Horry, 1, sq mi. Area codes Tourism office, south carolina outline. The earliest history of South Carolina is similar to a lot of the Eastern United States; it was populated 13, years ago by archaic communities, which went on to follow the same big changes that affected most cultures in the area.

By the time of European contact there were 29 nations of native people in South Carolina. The nations of South Carolina mostly fell under two large culture groups, the Eastern Siouan and Cusaboan peoples, though other groups lived in the area. Following exploration of the coast in by Francisco de Gordillo, south carolina outline, the Spanish tried unsuccessfully to establish a colony near present-day Georgetown inand the French also failed to colonize Parris Island near Fort Royal in The colony was named Carolina after King Charles, and it acted as a buffer zone between Spanish territory and the south carolina outline English colonies.

The first English settlement was made in at Albemarle Point on the Ashley River, but poor conditions drove the settlers to the site of Charleston originally called Charles Town. South Carolina, officially separated from North Carolina in Charleston, despite its size and influence in the colonies, wasn't incorporated until after the Revolution.

The city was run by a governor representing the Crown, and the state was a bastion of Loyalism to the British government. In the s, South Carolina played a leading role in Southern hostility to the federal government, and in the entrenchment of slavery in the Deep South. South Carolina was the largest slave state by percentage of people in slavery, and had the strictest laws toward freeing slaves; the government worked hard to ensure the dominance of the minority white population over the black majority.

They viewed this as especially necessary since the plantation owners left their plantations for the city during the summer, as they were afraid of contracting malaria.

In this contributed to the Nullification Crisis. Calhoun was the nation's most famous pro-slavery politician. InSouth Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union, south carolina outline. After the Confederate loss in the Civil War, South Carolina became the only state with a black majority congress.

This saw a brief period of rapidly expanding rights for Black Americans that was swiftly reversed during the Jim Crow era. However, despite its long history as a bedrock slave state, South Carolina didn't see the levels south carolina outline violence that plagued Mississippi and Alabama during desegregation. Likewise South Carolina was relatively swift among former Confederate states to remove the Confederate flag from government buildings after incidents of racial violence.

In the time since desegregation, South Carolina has converted itself into a popular tourist destination, moving away from the traditional manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Myrtle Beach is likely South Carolina's biggest tourist attraction, as the center of the Grand Strand string of beaches.

The recently opened boardwalk, the nearby Family Kingdom Amusement Park, and the abundant shopping have led Myrtle Beach to receive regular national acclaim.

That's a pretty big achievement, considering the town used to be almost entirely off the map. The idea to develop the beach into a tourist area only started in the early s, and the city of Myrtle Beach was only incorporated in the s. The city of Charleston is one of the most historically important cities in the United States.

It was one of the first major cities in the country, founded back inand was at one point the fifth largest city in the nation. For rather unsavory reasons, the city continued to have an outsize influence on the country even as the rest of the country grew and expanded; Charleston was the largest slave port in the United States, sometimes second to Savannah, Georgia.

Today the city is famous for much nicer reasons, south carolina outline, including its lovely and well-preserved architecture, its food culture, and its healthy arts scene. The city has received international attention south carolina outline praise.

The plantations of South Carolina are another popular tourist destination. The plantations were home to the aristocratic elite, who built large country mansions in which to live comfortably as they profited off the forced labor of slaves.

These former slaveholding south carolina outline embody a lot of important history in the South. They offer a glimpse into the historic culture of the area including the artistic tastes and values of the slaveholding class, the economic realities that shaped American history, south carolina outline the violent injustices inflicted on America's Black population. Some plantations are just catered to tourists interested in the design, but many of the best plantation museums allow visitors to dive into the deep history of slavery.

Gullah culture refers to the unique culture of Black people living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia. Gullah people are most culturally distinct from other Black Americans due to their use of their own creole language, also called Gullah, which heavily draws on different West and Central African languages. South Carolina was a Black-majority state, and more than anywhere else Gullah culture has heavily influenced the whole of South Carolina.

The unique style of Gullah art and cuisine makes up some of South Carolina's most powerful south carolina outline legacy. One particular craft, Sweetgrass basket weaving, was recognized as a state symbol, south carolina outline. Byrnes senator, jurist and secretary of state; John C. All U. Geography Land area: 30, sq mi. Map of South Carolina. State Comparisons All U. See also:.


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South Carolina map state outline, shape, stencil. Use this printable pattern for crafts, gifts, woodworking projects, etc. View our FREE Author: Bill Rosener. Free South Carolina outline with baseball stitches or softball stitches, cricut or Silhouette design, vector image, pattern, map shape cutting file See more. New Hampshire - Map . We work with clients around the world from our headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. We focus on naming, branding, brand narratives, website design and .